Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science established in the year 2024 with an intake of 30 students is transforming the education industry by providing personalized learning experiences, intelligent tutoring systems, promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing, predicting student performance, and enabling global learning. The future of education is expected to witness significant innovations, including the integration of AI for advanced predictive modeling and decision-making, a heightened focus on ethical data use, increased automation for efficiency, interdisciplinary collaboration, the rise of edge computing, advancements in predictive analytics, a strong emphasis on data privacy and security, and an ongoing commitment to continuous learning.

To empower young minds with the transformative potential of AI and Data Science, it is crucial to develop a robust professional education system in Engineering and Technology. This can be achieved by providing quality education and training in AI and Data Science, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, and promoting ethical data use and data privacy and security measures. Moreover, there is a growing demand for professionals with expertise in developing AI and Data Science applications in various industries. Jobs such as AI specialists, machine learning engineers, data scientists, and data analysts are on the rise, reflecting the need for professionals with expertise in developing and implementing AI and Data Science solutions. Therefore, developing a career in AI and Data Science can be promising, and enrolling in business analytics that can help individuals hone the skills required to succeed in this field.

AI and Data Science have the potential to revolutionize the education industry and provide quality professional education in Engineering and Technology. By embracing these changes and developing a robust education system that focuses on ethical data use, interdisciplinary collaboration, and continuous learning, we can empower young minds with the transformative potential of AI and Data Science and prepare them for a dynamic and evolving landscape in the realm of data science.

Our Mission

``To provide comprehensive education by enabling young minds to unlock their full potential and become proficient professionals to foster in a dynamic learning environment that encourages curiosity, critical thinking, to tackle real-world challenges of the society.``


``To empower young minds with the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, to envision a future where it serves as a beacon of Quality Professional Education in Engineering and Technology.``