Freshers Day Celebrations

There is an old proverb:

“If you are in Rome, be like Romans”.

So it is very important to welcome our new HECians and to let them know about Holycross Engineering College. Holycross Engineering College celebrates the Fresher’s Day as a welcome party to newcomers and makes it a chance to be friendly. Also, this party helps in breaking the ice between the newcomers and HEC. This party is conducted in the HEC Auditorium every year. Our HEC Prayer club members welcome the newcomers with full of joy and songs. Our principal, Correspondent and Founder give their valuable speech which makes the juniors feel welcome, comfortable and encouragement. The main objective of this party is to avoid social evils, to encourage the newcomer’s creative impulses and to boost their confidence. It is not possible to explain the institutional policies, processes, practices, culture, and values in a single day party. So Holycross Engineering College conducts 2-3 weeks long induction program for the newcomers.