Graduation Day

Students Success, Parents Pride” is the main objective of our Holycross Engineering College. The management and all staff members of the college are working hard towards this motto only. The very most deserving day of every HECian isssss ….. “ The Graduation Day”.

The biggest day the students of Holycross Engineering College dream about, with much to celebrate! It is an exciting event in our HEC for all involved and every HECians finest milestones. After all our HECians hard work and success, this day will be the time to kick back with family and friends, reflecting on the past and looking ahead to the future.

Our Hecians, their family members, friends are gathered in the Auditorium. As many graduation traditions entail, congratulatory wishes from Parents, Friends, Teachers, Principal, Correspondent, Founder, and all staff members tend to gifts, greetings and photo shoot.