Induction Programmes

The transition from School life to College life is one of the most challenging events in a student’s life. When new students enter an Institution, they come with diverse thoughts, backgrounds, and preparations. They come into a new unfamiliar environment and many of them have little knowledge of a College. Here, the important task is to welcome the new students and to prepare them for their new role.

Holycross Engineering College conducts Student Induction Programs every year to help the new students adjust and feel comfortable. Also, this induction program helps them to build bonds with other students and faculty members. Before classes start, the incumbents learn about the institutional policies, processes, practices, culture, and values.

Holycross Engineering College conducts 2-3 weeks long induction program for the UG students to make them feel comfortable, free in English, set a healthy daily routine of the following: Physical Activity, Creative Arts and Culture, Human Values, Familiarization with Holycross and Department, Literary Activity, Lectures, Workshops, and Extra Curricular Activities.